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Student Dismissal Process

It’s important to talk with your academic advisor and family if you’ve been dismissed from the university. Your advisor can help you evaluate your academic standing and identify the steps to be either reinstated at UB, or transfer to another institution. Your family can assist you with planning decisions.

Why was I dismissed?

The criteria for dismissal from the university can be found in the Academic Standards Review (Academic Dismissal) section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

What are my options?

How do I appeal?

You must discuss your situation with your academic advisor who will evaluate your appeal strength. Be prepared to discuss all the circumstances that contributed to the dismissal, and whether or not these factors can be managed to justify an immediate return to the university.

A formal appeal of your dismissal will include submitting the following components electronically. (Your advisor must help you prepare and submit them. See tutorial on the process (PDF).) The link to the electronic Deferred Dismissal Petition website was included in the dismissal notification email or letter or can be provided by an academic advisor.

  1. Student Information: Includes demographic and contact information
  2. Documentation:
    1. Personal Statement: The statement should briefly describe the circumstances that led to the dismissal, and then outline your plan for improved academic performance in subsequent academic semesters.
    2. An Academic Plan Worksheet (XLS): You must fill this plan out with the help of your advisor. Course registration listed on the worksheet should match current registration. We recognize that this is not always possible due to course availability at the time the plan is made, but the schedule should closely resemble the plan.
    3. Acknowledgement: Indicating the components that are required for the petition and confirming whether or not an Academic Withdrawal is being submitted separately.
    4. Confirmation: The student confirms their understanding of the Quality Point Deficit and future GPAs they need to achieve.

Meet with your advisor to review your petition. They will acknowledge working with you and will submit the petition to the Academic Review committee on your behalf.

How much time do I have to draft an appeal?

The deadline for filing a dismissal appeal is June 29, 2016. You may need several appointments with your advisor to draft a complete appeal, so it is important you consult with your advisor as soon as possible to begin the appeal process.

You will receive written notification of the decision within two weeks of its submission. Notification will be sent to the mailing address indicated on your appeal form and to your UB email address. You will be removed from your upcoming fall classes if your appeal is denied. Appeal results will fall into one of three categories:

Students’ QPD Amount by which the student must reduce his/her QPD (Minimum reduction of QPD DOES NOT guarantee ability to continue studies at UB)
20-29.99 6
30-39.99 9
40-49.99 12
50 or above* 15

* Dismissal appeals from students with a quality point deficit of 50 or above are rarely approved. Such students should discuss appropriate options with their academic advisor.

Am I eligible for financial aid if I am granted a dismissal deferral or if I am reinstated?

Dismissal deferral and reinstated students’ financial aid eligibility will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. A financial aid notification will be sent to the students via U.S. postal mail. Students can schedule an appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor to discuss their financial aid notification by calling 716-645-8232 or stopping by 115 Porter Hall.

What should I do if I choose to take a break from UB or my dismissal deferral request is denied?

You are expected to be away from UB for one full year. During that time, if you choose to enroll at another college (SUNY community colleges admit students dismissed from 4-year school as part of their missions) you need to do well. There is no specific criterion GPA you must achieve, but it must, in the opinion of the Academic Standards Committee, be sufficient to indicate your ability to succeed. You should be in touch with your academic advisor about classes to take at the other school and classes to save to re-take when you return to UB. Application of UB’s Repeat Policy can help you improve your UB GPA, but only if you avoid repeating classes with equivalent courses elsewhere in the interim. Prepare your re-entry application to UB early in the second semester away. If you are readmitted, you would like to take advantage of earlier registration if at all possible.

Is it possible for me to take summer or winter classes at UB?

You should discuss the possibility of taking UB summer or winter courses with your advisor. Courses taken elsewhere will not improve your UB grade point average-only UB grades will help you reduce your quality point deficit. Any summer or winter grades earned at UB could impact the outcome of your dismissal appeal.

What if I have an Incomplete ("I") grade?

You have the right to complete any courses with a grade of Incomplete. Positive grades that replace grades of “I” may impact the outcome of your dismissal appeal.

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