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Not Enrolling at UB

Instructions for Newly-Accepted Freshmen & Transfer Students

If you have notified the UB Office of Admissions that you are attending, and then you decide not to attend, it is important that you print and complete the Not Enrolling at UB form (PDF). Please mail the completed form to the Office of Admissions, 12 Capen Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260.

Additionally, if you wish to be considered for a future semester, send your written request, identifying the semester of interest, to the Office of Admissions. You may update your application in this way until the end of the semester for which you were originally offered admission.

Important SUNY Policy

When a student is registered for courses, the student assumes responsibility for paying all charges associated with those courses. A student must pay even if not one class was attended unless the courses have been dropped or resigned according to the published deadlines, which are found on the student calendars.

Therefore, it is extremely important to use your HUB Student Center (via MyUB), or in the case of accepted freshmen, to contact their advisors, to drop courses before any financial penalty is assessed (see the student calendars).

Moreover, it is important that other services that you were scheduled to receive are cancelled, such as a residence hall room, a meal plan, student medical insurance, or financial aid. By completing the form noted above, you will be notifying these service units in one simple communication.

For related information, view the Not Enrolling at UB Checklist for Newly-Accepted Freshmen & Transfer Students.

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