Non-Degree Seeking (non-degree seeking) Undergraduate Students

A non-degree seeking student is someone who is enrolled on a semester-by-semester or course-by-course basis and has not been accepted as a regular student pursuing a degree.

You are considered to be a matriculated student when you have been accepted to the university through an undergraduate admission process and are considered to be pursuing a degree. If you were ever enrolled at UB as a matriculated undergraduate student and would like to attend UB to receive your degree; have graduated from UB with a bachelor's degree and would like to receive a subsequent bachelor's degree and are attempting to register for an undergraduate course(s), in either the fall or spring, you must file a Re-Entry Application. For undergraduate course work, you need to file the Non-Degree Seeking (non-degree seeking) Undergraduate Student Form.

The following rules apply to non-degree seeking undergraduate students at UB:

  1. A non-degree seeking student must have earned either a high school diploma or a general education development (GED) certificate prior to enrolling in any academic year course. The University reserves the right to validate this information at any time and, if found fraudulent, to take necessary actions.
  2. A non-degree seeking student shall attain and maintain at least a 2.0 UB grade point average after attempting nine or more undergraduate credit hours. At most three courses taken on a satisfactory-unsatisfactory basis (grades of “S” or “U”) shall have grades of “U”.
  3. A non-degree seeking student may enroll for a maximum number of credits as follows:
Semester/Time Period Maximum number of credits
Fall or Spring 9
Winter 5
Single Summer Session 8
Two Overlapping Summer Sessions 11
Total Summer Session 14
Maximum Number of Credits 30
  1. A non-matriculated student may register for Fall or Spring semester courses on a space available basis beginning August 1st for Fall semesters and December 1st for Spring semesters. Summer registration begins March 3rd. Winter registration begins October 1st.
  2. An undergraduate student dismissed from UB may enroll in the immediate summer or winter term following the term of their initial dismissal (enrollment in summer and winter terms following dismissal deferral is at the discretion of the Scholastic Standards Committee). Enrollment for any subsequent term not contiguous with the term after which a student was dismissed will only be permitted if the student applies for non-degree status, to which that application, is subject to review.
  3. A non-matriculated student may apply for admission to UB baccalaureate study. In that case, he or she shall have the UB courses taken in non-matriculated status included in the assessment for admission on the same basis as if he or she were a transfer applicant. If the student is admitted to baccalaureate study, all UB courses taken in non-matriculated status shall be included in the student’s program and considered UB courses for purposes of credits attempted and completed and grade point average.
  4. International Students: Generally, non-matriculated study is not allowed for international students unless they are currently in the U.S. and holding a temporary non-immigrant VISA that permits non-matriculated study. Such non-U.S. citizens/non-Permanent Residents desiring to study in non-matriculated status MUST use the International Undergraduate Non-Matriculated Application (PDF). Additional criteria may be required for international students.
  5. MFC Certificate Program: Students interested in enrolling in Millard Fillmore College courses leading towards an MFC Certificate Program should refer to the MFC website for more instructions and information.

An undergraduate non-degree student is enrolled but is not accepted to the university in a degree-granting program. To register for classes as an undergraduate non-degree student, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Please complete the appropriate undergraduate non-degree student data form:
  1. Your form will be transmited online by clicking on the “submit my application for formal review” button and electronically signing your form.
  2. Please allow 2–3 business days (from the day UB receives your form) for processing.
  3. A non-refundable non-degree processing fee of $25 will be applied to the student’s bill upon registration. Each time the student registers as a non-degree student following a break in registration, a $25 non-refundable processing fee will be applied.
  4. Once your form is processed, you will receive an email with information on how to retrieve your UBITName and password, which you will need to register using your HUB Student Center (see How to Register). See dates below regarding Non-Matriculated (Non-Degree Seeking) student eligibility for registration.
  5. Once you are registered, your class schedule will be available in your HUB Student Center (via MyUB. (A UBITName and Password are required.)

Registration Information for Non-Matriculated (Non-Degree Seeking)
Undergraduate Students

For important registration dates that have academic and financial implications (i.e., last day for all new UB students to register without a late fee, last day to drop courses without financial penalty, and last day to add courses without academic penalty) visit the Student Calendar.

View Class Schedule information.

For additional summer registration information view Summer Liability Deadlines and definitions of “Add,” “Drop” and “Resign”.

For additional winter registration information view Winter Liability Deadlines and definitions of “Add,” “Drop” and “Resign”.

In accordance with New York State Public Health Law, UB requires that all students (including non-degree seeking students) born on or after January 1, 1957 provide proof of immunity against measles, mumps, and rubella. The state also requires that all students receive information about meningococcal disease and have made an informed decision about whether or not to receive immunization against meningococcal disease. You will not be allowed to register for classes until you have fulfilled these requirements. To learn more, visit

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