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ROTC Registration

UB’s Military Science (ROTC) Program is to train confident and competent leaders of character for commissioning as officers in the US Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard. Every student taking Military Science will learn organizational, leadership and managerial skills that will prepare them to lead. This program is open to full-time students of all majors. No military background is required, and there is no initial military commitment or obligation incurred.

The traditional MLS program is four years: a two-year Basic Course, for which no military obligation is incurred, and a two-year Advanced Course, plus a US Military History Course (3 credits). However, there are compressed two and three year options available. Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) classes are three credit college electives you can take for up to two years with no military obligation. Instructors develop their students' physical, mental and critical thinking skills through team building and collective hands-on problem solving case studies. A number of popular and challenging extra-curricular activities are available for students who take these courses.

Please see the Undergraduate Catalog for additional information on ROTC's MLS courses.

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