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HUB Academic Advisement Report

The HUB Academic Advisement Report is an advising tool that tracks progress toward graduation by showing how courses taken meet graduation requirements for all approved undergraduate programs, and some graduate programs. HUB creates individualized reports, summarizing all UB Curriculum/General Education and program requirements, indicating those that have been satisfied; computes the cumulative GPA; totals all credit hours taken; lists repeated courses and those taken S/U; notes Incomplete courses; indicates test scores and credits granted for AP and CLEP examinations; and lists all transfer and UB courses taken.

The HUB Academic Advisement Report is useful in the following respects:

HUB Academic Advisement Reports are available for all matriculated undergraduate students via MyUB and can be generated for the current approved major or any other program when considering alternative majors. Students should examine their reports carefully and speak to an advisor if there are questions or discrepancies in the report.

View a tutorial about the Academic Advisement report.

Please note that HUB Academic Advisement Reports are not official or unofficial transcripts. The report should be used to monitor progress toward a degree. Students needing an official representation of their academic work should visit the transcripts page for information on requesting transcripts.

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