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HUB Transfer Credit Report

The HUB Transfer Credit Report is an advisement tool to be used in conjunction with your HUB Academic Advising Report. The Transfer Credit Report is prepared to assist you in understanding how your college credits and alternative/exam credits transfer to the University at Buffalo.

The HUB Transfer Credit Report is useful in the following respects:

HUB Transfer Credit Reports are available for all matriculated undergraduate students via MyUB. Students should examine their reports carefully and speak to an advisor if there are questions or discrepancies in the report.

The Transfer Credit Report contains three sections - Course Credit, Test Credit, and Other Credit.

The Course Credits section displays evaluated courses from your transfer institutions. If you have transfer credits coming in from more than one institution, you will see a model Nbr table for each institution. Each transfer model will contain information on where the credit coming from (Source Institution), how it was entered into the system (Credit Source Type), and the Career/Program/Plan under which the credit was assigned.

The Transfer Term column displays the term your transfer credit was posted. The subject and numbering of the incoming course, units taken, and grade input are all displayed. Every transfer credit will have an evaluated UB Equivalent Course assigned to it. This may appear as a specific courses (e.g. MTH 115) or as a generic placeholder credit (e.g. TR999TR). The Units and Grade fields display what UB has accepted based on grading and articulation policy. For transfer credit, a "T" or "M" will precede the actual grade and is used to identify it as transfer credit. Notify your academic advisor if your status is listed as either "Completed" or "Submitted" to ensure the credit is properly posted to your record.

The Test Credit column displays credit given for exam credit, like AP, CLEP, A-levels, etc. If you have Test Credits from more than one source/type, you will see a Model Nbr table for each. The Test Credits report displays the transfer term and test ID, which indicates the source of the test credit.

The Other Credit section displays certain military and experiential learning credit.

View a tutorial on how to read the HUB Transfer Credit report.

Please note that HUB Academic Advisement and Transfer Credit Reports are not official or unofficial transcripts. Students needing a UB official transcript should visit the transcripts page for information on requesting transcripts.

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