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Degree Applicable Credit for NYS Aid Programs

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for calculating Degree Applicable Credit (DAC) for the purposes of awarding degrees and to evaluate students’ eligibility for certain New York State award programs, including the Excelsior Scholarship and the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

It is important to note that the following guidelines are provided for informational purposes only, and may not cover every student situation. Students should discuss the circumstances of their specific New York State awards with UB’s Financial Aid office. Please also note that the information below is subject to change based on updated regulations and guidance from New York State and the Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC).

What is Degree Applicable Credit?

Degree Applicable Credit (DAC) refers to the courses needed to obtain a degree in a designated plan of study. Courses count as DAC if they are listed as a required course in a given plan, or if they fulfill an open general education/UB Curriculum requirement. Eligible free electives may count as DAC.

DAC Requirements for the Initial Review of Excelsior Scholarship

To establish initial eligibility for Excelsior, students must meet minimum credit thresholds based on the number of semesters they have completed after they are a matriculated student.

DAC Requirements for Initial Excelsior Eligibility
Semesters Completed Required DAC Required DAC for EOP Students
0 0 0
1 15 12
2 30 24
3 45 36
4 60 48
5 75 60
6 90 72
7 105 84
8 - 96
9 - 108

DAC Requirements for the Regular Review of Excelsior Scholarship

Students must satisfy the following DAC requirements to maintain their Excelsior Scholarship eligibility. The Office of the Registrar evaluates students every fall and spring.

Cumulative Career Thresholds
Years of Study Completed Required DAC Required DAC for EOP Students
1 30 24
2 60 48
3 90 72
4 120 96
5 - 120

DAC Requirements for the TAP

UB takes a snapshot of students’ DAC enrollment immediately after the add/drop period for the standard session of each fall and spring term. Students are evaluated every fall and spring based on the following requirement:

How DAC is Calculated

DAC for New York State awards is calculated using the following formula:

DAC Calculation
Start with number of credits used toward general education
+ (add) Number of credits used toward major(s)/concentration(s)
+ (add) Number of credits of eligible free electives
= (equals) Number of degree applicable credits (DAC) for the term/year

To calculate the free elective bucket:

Free Elective Calculation
Start with 120 credits
- (subtract) credits completed for general education/UBC
- (subtract) credits completed for majors(s)
+ (add) number of completed credits that satisfy more than one requirement
- (subtract) credits remaining to complete general education/UBC
- (subtract) credits remaining to complete for major(s)
= (equals) allowable free elective bucket
- (subtract) previously completed free electives *
= (equals) eligible free electives

* Note: Includes all previously completed electives, including transfer work completed in high school, transfer work, and test credit.

Additional Information

Repeated courses in which the first attempt resulted in a grade of R, F or W may be counted as DAC on the second attempt. If a major requirement has a minimum degree requirement for the major that is not met on the first attempt in the course, the grade from the second attempt may count as DAC.

It is important to note that students may lose Excelsior and/or TAP awards for a number of reasons, even if they satisfy their DAC requirements. Students with questions about maintaining Excelsior and/or TAP or those who have been notified that they have not met Excelsior and/or TAP requirements should contact Financial Aid for additional information.


Last updated: October 16, 2020 2:00 pm EST