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Undergraduate Leave of Absence—Domestic Students

Filing a Leave of Absence

You may request a Leave of Absence (LOA) for one or two terms (not including summer) from your enrollment at the university, or the total period of active duty for those called to active military service. A total of four (4) terms of approved leave are allowed during an undergraduate career. Securing a LOA will preserve your status as of the time you begin your leave and will eliminate any re-application process or paperwork when you return. It will also keep your UB email account active for the entire length of your leave.

Please note: If you are a Title IV loan recipient and fail to return from a LOA, your grace period for your Title IV program loan might become exhausted. Please consult with a financial aid advisor if you have any questions regarding repayment of Title IV loans (e.g. Federal Stafford and Federal Perkins Loans).

Leave of Absence Criteria

Undergraduate Leave of Absence Request

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