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Grade Changes

A grade other than “I” or “J/blank” may be changed only to correct an error in the calculation or entry of the grade or as a result of re-evaluation of an end-of-session assignment or exam. Grade changes are made at the discretion of the instructor.

Instructors can change a grade by using the electronic grade change tool. The completed request will be routed automatically via email as needed to the department chair and the appropriate dean. Reasons for the change of grade must be fully explained and justified.

Grade changes for courses taught by faculty who are no longer associated with UB, and are no longer available, may be submitted by officers of the units offering the courses in accordance with this policy, and must be fully explained and justified.

Grade changes must be made within one semester after a course concludes.

For “I” and “J/blank” grades, which have been changed to a final grade, any change to the final grade must be made by the following May 31 if the final grade was entered in the fall term, and by the following December 31 if the final grade was entered in the spring or summer term. Once a grade of “I” has defaulted to its accompanying permanent grade, however, the permanent grade may not be changed.

Grades shall not be changed more than one term subsequent to degree conferral, i.e., not later than the following December 31 for spring or summer conferral, and not later than the following May 31 for fall conferral.

Last updated: April 28, 2023 12:41 pm EST