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Leaving UB

The University at Buffalo is committed to providing a world-class education and a seamless network of support for all students, wherever they are in their academic journey. While our goal is to guide you to achieving success at UB, we understand that you may encounter circumstances that can affect your enrollment plan.

Students who consider leaving UB generally fall into the following categories:

If you wish to leave the university, whether temporarily or permanently, it is important to carefully consider how it can impact your academic career and your future. It may affect your progress toward a timely graduation, your financial aid package, and other aspects of life you may not have considered. UB’s expert advisors and professional staff are here to help you consider all options and resources available to you, as well as provide recommendations and guidance on the best way to achieve your goals. In many cases, students find that leaving the university is not the best or the only option for them.

Should you decide to proceed with changing your enrollment status, you can find the information you need to formalize your departure in this section of the registrar’s website.

It is always our goal to provide a continuous climate of support to all students as they make progress toward graduation. We encourage you to contact your academic or program advisor immediately if you are contemplating leaving the university.

Last updated: July 15, 2020 9:20 am EST