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Taking a Leave of Absence

Undergraduate Students

If you are facing circumstances that will interrupt your course of study at UB, but you wish to return to the university within two semesters, we recommend that you request a Leave of Absence.

A formal leave of absence preserves your status at the time you begin your leave. It eliminates the reapplication processes and paperwork when you return, and maintains access to your UB email during your time away.

A leave of absence may be granted for a maximum of two consecutive semesters. If you need to extend your leave beyond two semesters, you must make a formal request with your advisor. Students requesting a leave of absence because of military service that is expected to be longer than four semesters must present a copy of their military orders along with the Leave of Absence form.

Eligibility Criteria

You are ineligible for a leave of absence if any of the following situations apply to you:

Students who leave UB without a formal Leave of Absence must complete an Admissions Re-Entry Form should they wish to return.

*Students convicted of felonies during their UB enrollment must apply for readmission using the Admissions Re-Entry Form and must comply with all procedures stipulated by the University Screening Committee for Judicial Concerns.


  1. Drop all enrollment for the semester(s) you will be on a leave of absence. If enrollment remains, your leave of absence will not be processed, and you will be held financially responsible for any courses remaining on your schedule.
  2. Formally apply for a Leave of Absence using the appropriate leave of absence form. You should apply for a leave as early as possible. The last date to apply is the last day of the term you are requesting your leave. This includes Saturday, but does not count Sundays or holidays. Please refer to the student calendar for the exact deadlines.
  3. Meet with your advisor. Just prior to the semester you plan to leave, you should meet with your advisor, especially if you intend to later transfer course credits to UB.
  4. Consult the Not Returning to UB Checklist.
  5. Forward your transcripts when you return. If you attend other colleges or universities during your leave period, forward your official transcripts to UB within six weeks of your return. The credits will be evaluated as transfer credit. Use TAURUS to see if courses taken at other institutions will articulate to specific UB courses.

Note for students participating in study abroad programs: In addition to meeting with an academic advisor, you must register with the Study Abroad Programs office even if you are not participating in a UB or SUNY-sponsored program.

Note for international students: If you are seeking a Leave of Absence, you must meet with a staff member from International Student Services, located in 210 Talbert Hall.

Additional Information

Graduate Students

If you are currently enrolled as a graduate student at UB but wish to leave the university temporarily, you may request a leave of absence. Leaves of absence may be granted for up to one year. Visit Policies & Procedures for more information on Leave of Absence for Graduate Students.

Last updated: January 10, 2023 12:47 pm EST