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Not Enrolling at UB

What is a not-enrolling student?

Not-enrolling students are admitted students who have notified the Office of Admissions that they are attending UB, but later decide not to.

If you are a not-enrolling student, you must complete the Not Enrolling at UB form (PDF). Please mail the completed form to:

If you are an admitted freshman: Your advisor will cancel your courses. Submitting the not enrolling form to the Office of Admissions will notify your advisor that you wish to drop your classes. Be sure to check the appropriate boxes on the form to notify other offices at UB that you are not enrolling.

If you are a transfer student: You must use your HUB Student Center (via MyUB) to drop all of your courses by the financial penalty deadline posted on the student calendars. Be sure to check the appropriate boxes on the form to notify other offices at UB that you are not enrolling.

We strongly recommend that you use our Not Enrolling at UB Checklist to ensure you complete all steps of the process.

Note: If you are an admitted student and you wish to enroll at UB in a future semester, you must send a written request to the Office of Admissions, 12 Capen Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260.

Important SUNY Policy

When a student is registered for courses, the student assumes responsibility for paying all charges associated with those courses. A student must pay even if not one class was attended unless the courses have been dropped or resigned according to the published deadlines, which can be found on the student calendars.

Additionally, it is important that you cancel other services you were scheduled to receive, such as a residence hall room, a meal plan, student medical insurance and financial aid. Completing the Not Enrolling at UB form will notify all of the service units in one simple communication.

Last updated: August 06, 2019 10:31 am EST