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Cross Registration

The WNY Consortium and SUNY Cross Registration are agreements with colleges and universities in Western New York and SUNY to facilitate the registration of students in other participating institutions.

Cross Registration Procedures for UB Students Seeking to Cross Register Elsewhere

UB students who meet the criteria listed below may apply for cross registration using the appropriate online or paper form.

Critical Information for UB Students Seeking to Cross Register Elsewhere

  • UB students must be enrolled in degree-applicable credits. Students cross registering at a SUNY school must be enrolled for at least 6 UB credits. Undergraduate students cross registering at a WNY Consortium school must be enrolled full-time, and graduate students must be enrolled for at least 9 credits.
  • UB students may cross register at participating institutions only for degree applicable courses when an equivalent course is not available at UB, the enrollment capacity has been reached in all UB offerings, the student has a time conflict between two required courses that must be completed this semester, or the student has reached the limit for repeated attempts in the course.
  • Currently, only the University at Buffalo, State University College at Buffalo, and State University College at Fredonia permit graduate-level cross registration.
  • UB students will not be approved for cross registration if there is a hold on their record that prevents registration at UB.
  • Students cross registering at another SUNY institution may cross register for up to 6 credit hours. Students participating in the WNY Consortium may cross register for one course. Also, the total of an undergraduate student’s registration (including UB and cross registered courses) cannot exceed 19 credits.
  • Enrollment at a community college requires proof of permanent residency in New York State for 12 months. Individual counties may have additional residency requirements. Students should check with the community college’s Bursar’s Office for further details.
  • The student is responsible for course fees that may be associated with specific courses. Additionally, some community colleges may charge course registration or other course-related fees.
  • UB students who register for a course for which they were not approved may be charged by the other institution. Likewise, students cross registering at UB will be charged by UB if they register for a course other than that for which they were approved.
  • The other institution may have restrictions on cross-registering students enrolling in certain courses.
  • Students wishing to drop or withdrawal from their course(s) at another institution must follow that institution’s rules and deadlines.
  • The program is available for spring and fall terms only. Students may not cross register during summer or winter sessions.
  • Cross-registration during your final semester at UB may delay your degree conferral, since credit will need to be transferred from that institution.
  • The cross registration calendar information can be found on the WNY Consortium Calendar.

Which form should you use?

If you are seeking to cross register at another SUNY institution, you must complete the SUNY Cross-Registration process. Once submitted, your academic advisor, a financial aid advisor, and the Office of the Registrar will review your request. If approved, the host institution will contact you about your course registration.

If you are seeking to cross register at a WNY Consortium institution, you must complete the WNY Consortium Form (PDF) and the WNY Consortium Academic Advisor Review Form (PDF). You must then meet with an academic advisor in your academic department, who will determine if the course is required and whether an equivalent course is available at UB. Once advisor approval is received, you must take the form to 1Capen where a representative will verify if you meet the criteria for cross registration.

Once approved by UB, you must then bring your form to the other institution on the specific day(s) designated for students registering through the WNY Consortium (See the Cross Registration Calendar or contact the Office of the Registrar at the host institution). When you report to the other institution, they will use the form to create a record for you. If there is space remaining in the course you desire, you will be able to register in the course. You must then return the form to the Office of the Registrar, 1Capen Hall; or by fax at 716-645-7762.

At the end of the semester, the institution attended will forward your transcript to UB. UB will then add to your record any coursework taken as transfer credit, which will be included in the calculation of your transfer GPA and overall GPA, but not your UB GPA.

Process and Information for Non-UB Students Seeking to Cross Register at UB

  • Complete the SUNY Cross Registration Form or obtain and complete the WNY Consortium Form from the Registrar at your home institution and get any required information and approval from your home institution.
  • Cross Registration enrollment is not permitted for tutorials, independent studies or impacted courses under the course enrollment control policy courses. The full list of impacted courses is available in the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that you meet the prerequisites and enrollment requirements for the UB course. If such requirements are not met, the cross registration request will be denied.
  • The Office of the Registrar will register all approved students in classes with seats available on the Friday prior to the start of classes. You will be notified of your registration via the email address that you included on the form. It is the student’s responsibility to check this email address regularly and drop the course should s/he no longer wish to complete the course at UB.
  • UB’s Office of the Registrar will communicate with your home institution during the semester, and if your status and eligibility for cross registration changes at your home school, you will be notified and billed for the course.
  • If you decide to drop or resign from the course at UB, our drop deadlines will apply. Check out our deadline dates.
  • This program is available for spring and fall terms only. Cross registration is not available for summer or winter sessions.
  • The cross registration calendar information can be found on the WNY Consortium Calendar.
  • Once approved for cross registration, you will receive information from our office regarding Activating Your UBITName.

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