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Military Leadership Program (ROTC) Registration

The Military Science & Leadership (MLS) Program augments the college learning experience. The cornerstone of the MLS program is the development of leaders. Individual courses support the identification, assessment, and leadership development of young men and women. The goal of the MLS Program is to train confident and competent leaders of character for commissioning as officers in the United States Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard. Every student taking MLS will learn superior organizational, leadership and managerial skills that will prepare them to lead in public service, business, military, and community organizations. This program is open to students of all majors and there is no requirement for previous military service or experience.

The traditional MLS program is four years: a two-year Basic Course (six credit hours/year), for which no military obligation is incurred, and a two-year Advanced Course (six credit hours/year), plus a US Military History Course (3 credits); for which there is a military obligation.

The Basic Course refers to the first and second year of the MLS curriculum. It is designed as a classroom and lab course that stresses the fundamentals of leadership. A first-year student would enroll in MLS 101 and MLS 111 in the fall and MLS 102 and MLS 112 in the spring. A sophomore would enroll in MLS 201 and 211 in the fall and MLS 202, 212 in the spring. These courses are designed for students who want to improve their leadership. Instructors develop their students' physical, mental and critical thinking skills through team building and collective hands-on problem solving case studies. A number of popular and challenging extra-curricular activities are available for students who take these courses. Students may take up to twelve Basic Course credits without obligation. The basic course sequence is required for all students that want to qualify for entry into the Advanced Course. MLS 210-Basic Camp is held at Fort Knox, KY between either the summer of the student's second and third year. Basic Camp is a mandatory component for students who have not completed all MLS 100 and 200 level courses/labs. Students, with prior military service may also receive placement credit directly into the Advanced Course with approval from the department chair.

In some cases, credit earned in the following sequence of MLS 100 and 200 level courses may each be counted as a 3 credit, free elective:

Note: Students must present Medical Documentation signed by their doctor in order to participate in the lab portion.

The Advanced Course is comprised of MLS 301/311, MLS 302/312, MLS 401/411 and MLS 402/412 and MLS 480. Upon completion of this sequence and successful completion of Advanced Camp students are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the Army, Army National Guard or Army Reserve.

In some cases, credit earned in the following sequence of MLS 300 and 400 level courses may each be counted as a 3 credit elective:

Note: Students are required to sign up and participate in lab during the Advance Course even though they do not receive credit for the lab.

For additional information on ROTC’s MLS Courses, please see our Undergraduate Catalog and search for Military Leadership.

You can contact ROTC at rotc@buffalo.edu or 716-888-3239

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