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Diplomas are mailed approximately six (6) weeks after the conferral of your degree and contain the student’s name, academic plan, degree type (BA, MA, etc.), conferral date, name of the university (State University of New York at Buffalo) and the current diploma design. UB diplomas are printed by a nationally prominent firm on high-quality paper with an engraved UB seal.

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Replacement Diplomas

For replacement of your UB undergraduate, graduate or law school diploma, please follow the guidelines below. (To request a Medical School diploma, please contact the Medical Education office at 716-829-2802. To request a Dental Medicine diploma, contact the Dental Student Affairs Office at 716-829-2839.)


1. Confirm that your degree has been conferred and that you do not have any financial holds by contacting us at (716) 645-5698 or If your degree has not been conferred, or if you have any financial holds, your diploma request will not be processed.


2. Start the replacement diploma request.

Purchase Replacement Diploma

Additional Information:

Request for Records of Deceased Students

In the event of a student’s passing, the University at Buffalo considers the deceased student’s next of kin to be the owner of the record. Please view our policies and procedures for additional information on requesting records of deceased students (PDF).


Students may need to apostille (PDF) or legalize their transcript and/or diploma for use in a foreign country. The Office of the Registrar assists students with this process by notarizing the document and coordinating with the offices of the Erie County Clerk and New York State Secretary of State to complete the apostille. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for additional information on completing an apostille for your transcript and/or diploma.

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